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The Law Offices of Kandell, Kandell, & Petrie are experienced and specialized to serve all Florida residents with denied, underpaid, and complex property insurance claims for their home or business.  We offer a free initial consultation and claim review for all of our clients!

Denied / Underpaid Insurance Claims

When insurance carriers try to deny and underpay claims, it leaves property owners stuck and unable to pay for repairs and replacements. Kandell, Kandell, & Petrie can help you find relief.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

We understand the special needs of homeowners and the stress which comes with damage to your home. We fight to ensure that your home is repaired and your life is restored.

Hurricane - Weather Damage Insurance Claims

Every year, we are seeing more frequent and stronger hurricanes. In the past few years, Florida has been hit by multiple Category 4+ storms, costing home and business owners billions of dollars.

New Claim Presentation

Insurance carriers will always try to pay as little as possible on every claim because they have a profit incentive. Working with an insurance lawyer ensures maximum recovery for your claim.

Commercial Insurance Claims

At Kandell, Kandell, & Petrie, we service all insurance claims, including commercial claims. If you have had a loss event in your business, we may be able to thelp.

Business Interruption / Income Loss

Many insurance policies cover interruptions of your business or loss of income. An insurance lawyer can help ensure that you are property compensated.

Would you like a Free Claim Review?

Kandell, Kandell, & Petrie are your experienced and trusted for legal representation for an property insurance claim in the State of Florida. From The Florida Keys to Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, Panama City, and all points in between.

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